Plan Of The Week.

It’s time for your plan of the week!!

-Write (at least) 5 notes this week. Either 1 per day, or all 5 at once. Focus your notes on “thinking of you”.

-Plan 2 business social media posts. Ideally these will be on your business Facebook page, but could also be your personal page or Instagram. These posts are NOT to advertise a listing or celebrate a settlement! Think about your ideal client and what would be important to them.

-Strive to add 3 new contacts to your database.

-This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Did you put together a plan last week for how to celebrate your clients? Implement your plan. No plan? Choose a minimum of 5 clients to acknowledge with a pop by. Potted flowers are easy, plentiful this time of year, and always appreciated. Use the plastic “forks” for displaying cards (buy on Amazon or visit a local flower shop) to attach a card and your business card.

-Do you have any client appointments (listing or buyer) planned for this week? If NOT, schedule 1 coffee or lunch with a past/potential client to catch up, with a preferred vendor to learn more about their services, or with an agent or colleague you admire to acknowledge them for their good work and to learn about how they do it.

Comment here as you finish your tasks!

Make it a great week!

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