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Here is your Empowering Women In Real Estate Plan of the Week for April 13-17, 2020, brought to you by Empower Coaching!

Where is April going? I thought it would crawl by given the monotony of every quarantined day, but here we are, middle of the month already!

We are going to spend a little time talking about taxes this week (whomp, whomp). Luckily everyone gets a little reprieve on filing, so if you weren’t already ready, you aren’t scrambling right now. I’d like to see you never have to scramble again, so I’ll be sharing some tips.

Let’s get started …

 -Write 5 personal notes. Focus on thank you notes this week. Who can you thank? I’ll share with you a couple real life examples for me … the cute shop in town that I frequent that is showing their products online and I was able to call, pay by phone, they wrapped and I drove up and picked up; the church up the road from me that offered free pre-filled communion cups, handed out by a friend of mine; thank you to the landlord and seller who just listed with me/my team; thank you to the friend/agent who sent me a note and gift card. There’s my 5 for the week … and I’m sure if I think a little harder I can come up with a couple more. 

-Post 5 business social media posts. Here’s what I am doing/planning for this week … a post promoting a local church that gave out communion cups; a post promoting a local business and a gift I purchased by phone and picked up curbside; a post promoting my team’s Cutest Pet contest (this is on tap for you next week!!); a post promoting a new rental listing; a post promoting my vendor postcard; a post promoting my email drawing. Actually, I think that’s 6 and the week hasn’t even started yet! The first 2 I will probably promote together, and they will go on my business IG and FB (I already posted about them on my personal), the pet contest will go on my business IG and FB and will share to my personal FB, the rental listing will go just on my business IG and FB and will be promoted in a local group, the vendor postcard and email drawing post (they will be 2 separate posts) will go on my business FB and IG. Part of seeing the biggest returns in consistency in your business is in connecting the dots. You’ll notice that some of my posts connect to some of my notes for the week, and some of my posts connect with my mailers and the email drawing for this week. 

-Send your April Email Drawing. This one should be so easy right now. Pick a local business and offer to win a gift card and email it out! Or, indicate that the winner of the drawing will receive a gift card to their favorite local business. I’ll be sharing my email text when I send mine out on Wednesday. Email it to EVERYONE you have an email address for.

-Contact 15 people. Break it down and proactively contact 3 people per day. I’ve committed myself to doing this with you, and I am working my way through my “Priority Action Center” in my Buffini Referral Maker CRM so I am not having to think about who to contact. Don’t have that CRM? Print your list or sort it alphabetically (or whatever!), start at the top, work your way through.  Your script is simple … “Just checking in … How are you holding up?”. That’s it. Get used to doing this. It’s going to be on your list for a while.

-Work on your taxes. Yes, I said taxes. The federal tax deadline has been extended until July, but your state taxes may still be due this week (mine are). If you’ve already done these, great! I still want you to pay attention tomorrow when I share my process for tax prep during our Weekly Quick Lesson which will air around 9:30 am EST via Facebook Live in the group. I don’t love doing my taxes (and I pay a professional accountant who does the bulk of it) but I do have a system that I have used for quite a few years on how to easily and efficiently gather my data to submit. 

Do you find these plans helpful or wish you had more details, guidance and accountability? Just a reminder that for a limited time my Empower Coaching program, of which this plan is the foundation, is FREE! I’m committed to helping my fellow real estate agents, lenders, title executives and more to stay connected with their businesses during this historic world event, and to come out the other side with their businesses intact. If you would like to join our FREE coaching program, look for the link in the pinned post in this group, or search for “Empower Coaching by Karen Cooper” and request to join.

Make it a great week!

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