This is a hard one to hear, but you know what you need for success in your business?
Patience, coupled with consistent activity. I really don’t know of any other way. Or at least any other way that works for the long haul.
Something I hear often from agents is that they are trying this and that and it isn’t working. And when I ask how long they have been doing it I get answers like “2 weeks”, “1 month”, “3 months”.
Have you seen that meme of the guy digging and digging and digging to reach the buried treasure, and then he stops and gives up thinking his efforts are fruitless … only the treasure is only a few more shovels full of dirt away?
It’s the same thing here. When you are working on new systems of lead generation or building new pillars in your business it takes time. At least 6 months, preferably a year, before you can really assess and say that it is or isn’t working.
A week of workouts won’t get you fit.
A full tank of gas won’t get you from Virginia to Florida.
You need to repeat and refill again and again before you achieve your desired results.
Patience, my friend, patience.

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