Introducing … the first of our amazing 5 panelists who will be sharing their knowledge at our EWRE Meet Up on July 29th …
My business partner, Vicky Noufal!
Vicky is the co-owner of the Platinum Group Real Estate team at Pearson Smith Realty, a team of 39 incredible women and moms. She has been a local real estate veteran since 2005 having personally guided over 500 families to successfully buy and sell their homes and personally averages $30 million in sales annually doing business by referral.
Vicky is also the proud mama bear to her three sons, Alex (21), Brandon (18) and Mason (16).. they are her ‘why’ in everything she does.
Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Vicky grew up in the Northern Virginia area since age 8. She began her real estate career at the age of 31 when her sons were ages 4, 2 and just 6 months old. She is very proud to support her home town of Leesburg and is the founder of the local community Facebook group ‘Leesburg Moms’. With nearly 5000 members, Vicky writes about raising her family while running a business and coping with life’s challenges including the loss of her husband in 2017 through the practice of gratitude. Vicky is an avid reader and continual learner. She loves business planning and strategizing, brainstorming for new and innovative ideas and goal setting! Outside of real estate, she enjoys traveling with her boys and playing with her cute Maltipoo dog, Teddy Noufal.

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