Monday Motivation

We had such an amazing time at the Virginia Women’s Business Conference on Friday! From the opening remarks from Dorri C. Scott to learning more about founder Tina Johnson, to the incredible lunch keynote with Dr. Heidi Hanna, to the moving and inspirational closing speaker Loriana Hernandez Aldama, it was a great day.

Throughout the day I attended breakout sessions with Francisca Villarroel Alonso, Richa Badami, Terrie Christine, Elaine Espinoza Keltz and Dr. Monica Almond. Throughout the week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite take aways.

Some of my absolute favorite moments were hearing Francisca Alonso, a talented architect, contractor, business owner, wife and mother of 4 talk about how to handle our important roles. You don’t have to be a part time anything … you are a full time mom and a full time business owner and more.

I so loved her message not to wait. Don’t wait until you have the time or money to start your life or work towards your dream. Focus on the present. Don’t wait for your turn, your turn is now.

She also said that we can’t have all the answers because there are always new questions. That was so eye opening to me. I’m always striving to be “finished” … done with the tasks, to have the plan perfectly figured out, to know the answers … but Francisca is so right. There will always be more questions. Answers to questions, finishing tasks will only lead to more. Do what you can and enjoy the moments.

I so enjoyed running into many of our group members there. What were your favorite take aways?

Happy Monday!

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