Monday Motivation

A new week is here! I don’t know about you, but last week felt especially exhausting. I’m ready to jump into all the things this week and make things happen.

One of the most common questions I get asked about is productivity. I was thinking about it this weekend, and I have found that one of the keys for me is having a full day of rest each week. That day for me is usually Sunday. I prefer not to leave the house, I’ll answer my phone and check in briefly with emails, but primarily it is a day for relaxing at home with my favorite people, and doing my prep for the new week. When I do it right, it always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to go.

In the beginning of my career I had the opportunity to work with a business coach (Linda McLean of McLean International). I’ve carried with me many of the strategies that Linda taught me during our time together, and one of those was the importance of taking a day “off” each week. For a long time it was Monday, and then for a while Thursday, but I still employed the same rituals that I use now to help me to rest and recharge.

Do you take a day off each week? Do you tend to take the same day or does it fluctuate?

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