Monday Motivation

Last week’s edition of The Brian Buffini Show podcast was an interview with NFL star Justin Forsett. The message behind the interview was how Justin persevered despite many obstacles in his life going back to childhood, throughout college and in his NFL career.

One of the things that struck me was how through each “stage” of his life he would talk about how he would “excel at the things he could control”. There was a lot he couldn’t control. For example, one of the issues he continuously dealt with was his size. For a professional football player he is small in stature, and so he was often overlooked. However he said that one thing he could control was how hard he worked at practices, how well he knew the playbook, how he supported his teammates. He knew that by excelling at those things that he could control it would open him up to more opportunities, and it did.

There are many things we can’t control in our businesses (and life too). I’ve heard agents say it’s harder for them to succeed because they aren’t from here and don’t have a strong sphere. It’s hard for them to compete because they are newer or have less experience than others in their office or market. We can’t control market fluctuations, final sales prices and whether or not that buyer is going to write on the 50th home we’ve shown them.

What we can control is how well we know the market. Can you spit out market stats without looking? Do you have a rough idea of the selling prices for typical homes in your area or neighborhood? We can control how well we know and can present our marketing plans and listing presentations. We can control how many people we meet or talk to on a weekly basis by how much we put ourselves out there. We can control how well we know and can explain our contracts.

Excelling at these things that we can control will propel us far further in our business than anything else. Don’t focus on the obstacles, the unknowns, the what ifs. Focus on what you can do, what you can control and do that extraordinarily well. I promise, it will be worth it.

Happy Monday!

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