Monday Motivation

A couple weeks ago on our Friday weekly team call, one of the agents on my team was sharing about what a rough week she had been having. Difficult clients, losing a transaction, plus family things on top of that. We’ve all been there, and the longer you’ve been in business and the more business you do, the more times you’ve had weeks like that.

She was looking for ways to change her energy and her mindset, so she could go into the weekend and some special family celebrations without carrying the crap from her week with her.

I suggested that she spend some time that day being generous, to give something away. There is no better way to change your outlook than by helping someone else.

So you know what? She did. She took to social media, gave out several referrals to great local companies as well as a few gift cards, just because. And it worked. Like a charm.

Today, I’m letting you in on my dirty little secret. I love to give to others. Sponsoring community events, donating to weekend food programs at my children’s schools and more. Many of these things I do get recognized for, but there are many more that no one knows about. Giving anonymously to families in need during the holiday season, sending food and supplies to those who need it most (Amazon makes this very easy), giving supersized tips at restaurants when I feel prompted, paying for the groceries of someone in line ahead of you who doesn’t have enough cash (super bonus points when your kids get to witness these experiences) and more. Not all giving has to involve money. Many instances involve giving time and energy, sharing experiences when agents reach out that need help or advice.

When I see a need, I like to fill it because I genuinely like to help, but also because it helps me. There is no better way to improve your mood or your day than by giving to others, with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Yes, you may be making someone else’s day, but I guarantee you will be making yours too.

Can I challenge each of you to give something today?

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