The last couple weeks I’ve heard the word “mindshare” used over and over again in the real estate space. Experts and prominent agents talking about the importance of agents achieving “mindshare” with their clients/sphere/database in order to be able to continue to stay relevant and to compete with companies like Zillow and Amazon.

Guess what “mindshare” also means? Being top of mind. Brian Buffini has been talking about the need to be top of mind for decades.

The need hasn’t necessarily changed, just the lingo, though I will say that I think this need to be top of mind or to own mindshare is MORE important that ever.

In fact, I think it’s critical.

So how do you get and keep mindshare? You need a system. A multi faceted, consistent approach using a variety of forms of media. There was a thread on this topic in another group (Real Estate Sales Solutions) last week and agents were asking what they should be doing to earn and keep this mindshare.

The list included regular and consistent calling, social media marketing, events, direct mail, email.

When I first saw this post last week, I felt a little overwhelmed, then when I read through I realized that we are doing this and more! My business partner Vicky Noufal and I developed a Client Care Program that we use with our team (who has already closed nearly 300 transactions this year) and in our own businesses. This program includes a variety of touches … mailers, email giveaways, and call nights all done monthly. Quarterly pop bys, newsletters, pop by mailers and client events. 3+x Monthly social media posts. Plus notes and other goodies sprinkled in throughout. Not every single client gets every single touch, but on average each person is being communicated with 25-30ish times per year.

If that’s not mindshare, then I don’t know what is!

Does this sound overwhelming to you? How are you supposed to plan out all of these things, and execute them, and show property and go on appointments and manage transactions, and actually sell, AND have a life too? Guess what? I’ve got you covered here and more.

This same Client Care Program that we use in our businesses and with our team I now teach through Empower Coaching. If you follow the plans that are laid out and get into the rhythm of the activities, they can easily be completed on your own in 1-2 hours per week. The best part is that the program is delivered strictly month to month. Not working for you? No longer in the budget? Got the hang of it and want to try it completely on your own? Cancel anytime. No contracts. No penalties. No hard feelings. Only $79/month … less than $1000 per year for peace of mind, coaching and direction for your business, priceless!

Feel free to pm me any questions! Register to join us at https://www.empoweringwomeninrealestate.com/plans-pricing

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