Making Self Care A Priority!

I’m taking a sick day today.

The last few weeks I’ve been SO TIRED. I’ve been fighting what seems like the same cold over and over again all winter. I’m usually someone who only gets sick maybe once or twice in the whole year, but I’ve had the sore throat/runny nose/congested/ear ache thing on and off since December.

My body has been telling me to rest, and I haven’t been listening.

So today, I’m listening. I’m clearing my schedule. I’m sure I’ll catch up with some work on my computer, but I’ll be doing it from bed.

I take care of other people and their needs like its my JOB. My household, my husband, my children, our pets. My dad, my aunt, my friends, my team. My clients. My vendors, local businesses, my community.

You know who I don’t take care of? Me.

By the time I’m done with all the other things there is no time, or energy, or mental capacity left to take care of me. So I’ll throw little band aids on here and there to placate the situation. A monthly massage, a pedicure. Buying a new top of two (always on sale) or a new bag or pair of earrings. A handful of cookies or M&Ms with a cup of tea. A glass of wine. Maybe two. None of it done intentionally. Often as an afterthought. Sure, it brings some momentary pleasure, but it doesn’t last. And sometimes the hole feels bigger after than it did before.

Raise your hand if you can relate.

So today I’m going to listen to what my body has been asking for and take care of me. I’m still going to take care of some things that need to be done for others … put the finishing touches on some new listings that are coming on tomorrow, call the insurance company for a couple of issues, plan out some things that need to be done, but mostly, I’ll rest.

Is self care a priority for you? How do you take care of yourself?

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