Looking for Local Leaders!

I have found that in life and in business there are two types of people … those who exacerbate your fears, and those help push you towards your dreams.

My world truly opened up when I not only started spending more time with those who believed in me (more than I believed in myself), but even more so when I started to believe them and to see, understand, feel what was possible.

Our business can be very lonely. It can be hard for those outside of the industry to truly understand what it is like, what the unique challenges are. That is one of the reasons I started this group 2 ½ years ago. Having people to connect with, who understand, are so important.

I have some ideas for helping to take this group to the next level of supporting each other by way of a monthly in person get together, but I will need your help. We are a large group with women all over the country. I can coordinate for Loudoun County, VA, would you be willing to lead the charge in your area? Comment on the post in the group on Facebook or email me at [email protected] for details.

Update – January 26, 2017:

We now have local leaders identified in the following areas …

Arlington County/Falls Church, VA

Washington, DC

Herndon/Reston, VA

Warrenton/Western Prince William County, VA

South Riding/Fairfax, VA

Winchester, VA


The commitment for this “position” would be to coordinate a once monthly lunch or coffee in your area for members of the group. No expense … members who attend would pay their own way. Basically you pick the date, time and location, I’ll set up the event for you within the group, you help with the online invitations and promotion, and then you show up and chat with like-minded women in the industry! We will likely do a periodic online chat/call with Local Leaders to coordinate and/or discuss events.

Who else is in?

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