Lessons Learned

Have you ever found yourself dealing with the same problem over and over again?

Maybe not the *exact* same problem, but the same “category” of issue again and again …

Clients who don’t respect your boundaries.

Missing out on listing opportunities.

Buyers who “cheat” on you and buy a house without you.

Clients who make bad decisions (maybe even against your advice), then blame you every step of the way as you work to clean up the mess.

Do you think that it is possible that the problem won’t go away until you have learned the lesson?

The clients who call and text at all hours will continue to do so as long as we answer the phone or respond.

We don’t seek feedback or look objectively on our processes and presentations when we lose, and so it continues to happen.

Buyers get nervous when expectations aren’t established clearly and end up visiting model homes and open houses without us.

Do you blame your doctor when you get sick? Of course not. So why is it allowed (and even expected) when our clients blame us for their situations?

I’m not saying that we can prevent every issue, but I do believe that we can learn from them.

What is the most valuable lesson that your business has taught you?

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