Learning To Ride The Waves!

Spending our last few moments on the beach early this morning before packing up and heading back home to Virginia.

Walking on the beach once or twice each day you notice the power of the ocean … one morning big shell beds, that evening they are all gone. Large ledges develop along the beach overnight. Where things were once flat with soft sand are suddenly differently shaped with hard, firm sand. The landscape is constantly changing.

Just like life.

Each day we would adapt our route based on the changes along the shore. The faster we can learn to do that in life, the better we will be, I think. Change is inevitable, and like the tides, we cannot change it. You can spend your life fighting the changes, trying to push back, or you can open your heart and your mind, and learn to ride the waves. I’ll choose the latter. 🌊 🏖🌴 🐚

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