Lead Generation Poll

Did you see our lead sources poll here in the group last week?
I’m always fascinated by these results, and it confirms what I’ve always known … there is no easy button in real estate.
I sure do wish that there was a tool, or website or product or something that I could buy in to that would produce not just regular LEADS but regular CLOSINGS (the goal is the closing, not the # of leads … yes, it is a numbers game to some degree, but not all lead sources are created equal). I’m not sure about you, but I’ve yet to find that … and according to those of you who responded to this poll, neither have you.
So today, lets dig a little deeper into lead generation.
Think about where your last 3 CLOSINGS came from … we know the sources (see the poll) but WHAT DID YOU DO to generate those leads?
My guess is that it is probably part of an overall system or program that is delivered consistently (like my time tested and proven Client Care Program, which I am currently teaching and providing for FREE through Empower Coaching … just search for Empower Coaching by Karen Cooper on Facebook and request to join), and less about a specific one or two time action.
Share with us! What specifically did you do to generate your last few closings?

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