LAST CALL For Pre-Order Pricing!

LAST CALL for special pre-order pricing!

Have you ordered your Empowering Women In Real Estate How To Guide for having a Client Event at the Movies so you can have an awesome event, just like this one that we had earlier this month??

If you are considering this purchase, I highly encourage you to order today while the price is still only $19.99. When the guides release on Friday the price will go up!

My real estate team has hosted many, many client events over the years … and they keep getting better! This is due in large part because we have a system for planning our events, setting up, what to do during the events, and what to do after to ensure that our clients feel loved and appreciated, and that we receive maximum referrals!

Don’t be intimidated! Client events can be scary if you’ve never done them before, and even if you have there are always new things to learn to maximize your event.

If you’ve ever had questions like …

Where do I start?

What should I do?

Where should I have it?

Who do I contact?

What will it cost?

How do I invite my clients?

Who do I invite to the event?

When should I invite them?

When (and how) should I follow up?

What do I do at the event?

How should I “close the loop” after?

Our How To Guide answers all of these questions, and more! We walk you though every detail, step by step, exactly what you should do and when.

To order, go visit our SHOP tab above!

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