Keep Your Head High!

So I’ve shared here before recently about my daily walks. As I read in the book, “Atomic Habits”, I’ve made part of my identity someone who takes a walk every day. I even snap a photo each day (including the one here) to share in my Instagram ( ) and Facebook stories. I’m on a 37 day streak, by the way. 🤗

The other day as my husband and I were on the last bits of our walk, which are mostly uphill, I noticed something.

It was hot, I was tired, and the hill felt extra hard. Usually when we are walking I have a tendency to took down. Partly because we mostly walk on a gravel road and I need to pay attention. Partly because when the walk is hard, putting my head down and just doing the work, trudging through, feels like the right thing to do.

Then I realized that my husband was getting further ahead of me and as I looked up I noticed that I was moving faster. The hike uphill felt a little easier. Keeping my head up and focusing on where I was going and what was ahead helped me to move faster.

Where can you apply this in your life? So often we trudge along, head down, doing our work not fully focused on where we are going, and it’s hard. It makes what is hard anyway even harder.

But when you have a goal in mind, a direction to move in, a clear vision for your path, it truly does pull you along.

Stay focused on where you are going, not just on the steps to get there, and I bet you will get there faster.

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