It’s A Good Day!

A few weeks ago before the holiday break, I had to call my Dad to come to my house in the morning last minute to stay with my youngest son who wasn’t feeling well until I could wrap up my appointments and get back home.

As I was preparing to leave the house with my older boys I heard an exchange that gave me pause. My Dad wished one of the boys a good day and as part of the conversation I heard my Dad say, “every day you have is a good day”.

My Dad turned 80 in the Fall, and while he is in overall good health, he is having trouble seeing and hearing which causes a lot of challenges. He has always been incredibly active, and this coupled with financial issues, and the loss of my mother 3 ½ years ago has left him lonely and depressed a lot of the time.

To hear him say that every day is a good day was a bit surprising at first, but then made total sense. Much of the reason for his longevity I have no doubt is a result of this positive outlook. His overall view is positive, even when much of what he is dealing with these days is not.

My boys go back to school today, and so I will go back to work too. It has been our family tradition to take a holiday break while the kids are off school between Christmas and New Years, and while we’ve had a wonderful time it will feel good to get back in the routine of things.

Will you have a good day today? Certainly not everything you will experience today is likely to be good. Heavy traffic, frustrated clients, things that break, illness are just a few of the things that affect us on a day to day basis. Don’t let those moments impact the view of your day. Find the good today, enjoy those moments, and you will have a good day.

Happy New Year!

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