I love this word.
A couple months ago (it feels so long ago …) my business partner Vicky Noufal and I were at our weekly “leader lunch” doing our usual big picture planning and strategizing. As we were talking through where we’ve been and the things we have done, the word inconceivable came up.
Five years ago when we formed our team it was inconceivable that here we would be, 5 years later, with an incredible team of 35 women. It wasn’t even a thought that entered our mind. All we wanted to do was make sure that our friends (our team members) were well taken care of and that we had a way that made sense to refer our buyer leads so we could focus on our listings. Oh how things have shifted and changed!
Six years ago when I founded this group, Empowering Women In Real Estate, it was inconceivable to think that here I would be 6 years later with a thriving coaching business as a result. Six years of near daily posts, organizing in person events, sharing, texting, messaging and getting to know hundreds, now thousands of women across the country … when I really just created this to fill the loneliness I was feeling in my business.
Now, it’s fun to think, dream, and plan for what our next inconceivable will be.
What is your inconceivable?

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