How is your energy?

At the workshop I attended on Tuesday we also heard from Mina Fies of Synergy Design & Construction, and we were all fascinated by her presentation.

Mina talked a lot about the importance of energy. We’ve talked about that here as well. We’ve all been around that person who brings bad, toxic or negative energy to the table. It doesn’t feel good to be around them. No matter how happy or “up” your mood is when you encounter them, their energy can very quickly bring your down. I was in a meeting once where everyone seemed happy and excited except for one person. That persons negative, defensive energy quickly permeated the room and suddenly several other people were complaining and down too.

We talk about the energy of others around us, but what about what we are brining to the table? Did you know that your energy projects out 5-7 feet? How is your energy when you are meeting a new client for the first time or at a listing presentation? Are you upbeat, confident and calming, or nervous, negative, and unclear? That energy is palpable and will affect how the client perceives you, and whether or not they will want to work with you. If you go into an appointment or approach contacting a new client with “this is a waste of time” (how many times have we all said that when we pre-judge an appointment or a new lead?) then you can pretty much guarantee that it will be.

One of the other things that Mina shared with us is the impact of color, and how it can affect your energy.

What are the colors you are drawn to or tend to wear most? Visit our group on Facebook and post in the comments,  I will post the color chart there as well so you can see what you are projecting.

Have a great Friday!

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