How Flexible Are You?

I had my day all planned out.

Morning routine ✔️
Meeting with a team member ✔️
Lead team meeting ✔️
Guest host a podcast/real estate show ✔️
Film a video for an upcoming event ✔️
Walk thru a listing I have coming soon ✔️
Pick up my son from school ✔️

My planned post for this morning was going to be all about daily routines, something some of my team members and I have been discussing lately. I started prepping some of it last night to go through my typical day with you, and was planning to share snippets throughout the day on Instagram Stories. A “day in the life”, if you will. (Aren’t those fun? I love seeing other peoples.)

But then we got the call last night for a 2 hour school delay due to the extreme low temperatures this morning and my whole plan went out the window.

So instead …
I’m doing my morning routine, just a little later.
My team member meeting was moved to Thursday.
My team meeting was moved to Friday.

I’m still guest hosting today … side note on that. Are you in the group, “Next Level Agents” on Facebook? I highly recommend that you check it out. I will be guest hosting in place of THE Pat Hiban today along with Kevin Kauffmann for their “State of the Market” which will air live in the group (I believe around 12 noon EST). If you miss it in the group, you can listen to it in podcast form on Real Estate Rockstars tomorrow.

I’ll still be filming the video, doing a walk thru with my seller and picking up my son. I’ll do the daily routine post and “day in the life” Instagram stories (follow me at another day.

In the meantime … how often is it that we have a great plan, but things change outside of our control? All. The. Time. I’ll admit, I didn’t necessarily handle it gracefully when we got the call last night. I had everything planned out and was committed to executing my plan, there wasn’t room or time to shift things around.

As usual though, when I took a step back, identified that which HAD to take place today and shifted around what I could, it’s still going to be a great day.

Stay committed to your decisions, your goals, your plans, but be flexible about your methods.

What do you have planned for today?

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