Part of my morning routine each day is to write 5 things I’m grateful for, and I typically focus on things/feelings that have transpired over the preceding 24 hours.
Here’s something I’ve noticed lately … I find myself writing about being grateful for my freedom, specifically the freedom resulting from my work.
Freedom to purchase the things I need (or want!) for myself or my family.
Freedom to spend the afternoon home with my kids.
Freedom to take a slow morning when I need it.
Freedom to say no to business when it isn’t right for me.
Freedom to take multiple trips this summer with my family and to take my kids to tournaments.
I worked really, really hard for this freedom.
This freedom is a direct result of one primary thing …
Consistently prospecting in my business, over and over and over again for 19 years. When things were busy and when they were slow. When it was fun and when it was boring. Consistent prospecting means a steady stream of leads and opportunities, and that consistency brings choice. That choice brings freedom.
I’ll tell you though, I didn’t always feel this way. There were times in my career when I felt trapped, hopeless, frustrated. Overwhelmed.
The way I pushed past those times was to take action and to continue to press forward. I wish I had an easier answer, that is what has always worked for me.
Are you feeling freedom in your business?

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