Get in the Water

I took this photo a couple weeks ago of my youngest son at the beach. He wanted to “surf”.

He’s dressed for the part.
He has the tools he needs.
But he’s not getting in the water.

How about you and your business? You want to be successful, right?

You’re dressed for the part.
You have your lockbox key and your business cards.
But you aren’t actually getting out there.

Your business works best when you get off the sidelines and actively engage.

You aren’t going to find new clients, make new connections or hone your skills hanging around at home.

You need to get active. Preview property. Tour model homes. Participate in (and then take action on) various trainings (this you can do from home these days!). Actively pursue and work with rental clients. Go on appointments with other agents. Visit broker’s opens and even open houses.

Yes, COVID-19 makes some of this more difficult right now, but I know you can figure out different solutions based on what is comfortable and safe for you and your area. Maybe you can’t preview properties in person, but can do you various MLS searches and study what you find to get more in tune with the market? You may not be able to go on appointments with other agents right now in order to limit the size of groups, but could you take an agent you admire to coffee (outside) or have a phone conversation to learn from them?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You have to want it, but EVEN MORE than that, you have to get in the water.

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