Friday Fun!

Do you like to read?

I LOVE to read. It is one of my favorite hobbies. Last week while I was on vacation I read five books. When I really get into a story, I can finish a book in a day or two.

In fact, I haven’t “allowed” myself to read fiction in a very long time. When I get wrapped up in a story, I can’t stop reading until I’m done … and nothing else will get done! (This also happened to me with Outlanders on Netflix … which I also finished while on vacation. ;-))

Primarily I read business, self development books and memoirs. I actually made it a goal this year to read 3 fiction novels, and have been saving those for trips and vacations, which I have really enjoyed. At any given time I am reading 1 physical book and have another that I am listening to on Audible. (I have an Amazon Echo Dot in my bathroom that I use to listen to books while getting ready each morning.)

So tell me, what are your favorite types of books to read, and share with us in the comments some of your favorites, and I will do the same!

Just for fun … if I end up picking one of your suggestions for our next Empowering Women In Real Estate book club (coming soon!) I’ll send you a special prize!

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