**Friday Favorites**

It’s Friday!

For today’s edition of Friday Favorites, lets talk about traditions.

I love traditions. In my view, they add an element of comfort and fun to life and business. We are all creatures of habit, and knowing a bit of what to expect at certain times and instances fulfills that need. That can also help people to feel loved and cared for, to know that you think enough of them to have a tradition centered around them.

Some of my favorite traditions in my business are my Thanksgiving reverse pop by event, Breakfast with Santa, and our Halloween pumpkin carving contest. I have clients to participate year after year in these activities and have come to know and expect them as a tradition, and a way to celebrate them.

Favorite traditions with my team are sharing a book as part of our first quarter review, announcing our retreat location at our big mid year meeting, and our annual retreat itself is hands down one of our absolute favorite events of the year that we all look forward to. One that holds several traditions within it.

With my family our tradition is to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Easter and Thanksgiving morning. We have a relaxing evening with pizza delivered just about every Friday, and if you are a kid in our house on your birthday you get pulled out of school early for lunch of your choosing and some shopping time to spend your birthday money. My kids (and I) look forward to these days every year.

To me, traditions feel like home. They are warm, comforting, and something to look forward to. They bring a little predictability to a life than is often anything but.

What are some of your favorite traditions in your family and/or business?

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