Free Coaching

I am now offering my Empower Coaching membership program for FREE on a temporary basis.

Yes, free. Don’t worry about our current paying members … their payments for the program are suspended for the time being as well.

real estate coaching

We are worried. Lots of us. Worried about our health, our families, and our incomes and businesses. The overwhelming majority of us in the real estate industry are commission only … and as home sales slow due to economic changes and the need for people to stay in, our incomes will be changing (or even disappearing temporarily) along with it.

This too shall pass. I want you to focus on the health and safety of yourself and your family first. Then I want you to keep a continued focus and effort on your business, and I don’t want you to have to prioritize paying for coaching over paying for marketing (or paying for household bills), so I am offering you coaching, support and step by step plans to keep moving forward at no cost to you.

I’ll be offering the program for free at least through the end of April, possibly longer depending on how things go with the spread of the virus and the impact on our economy and businesses. My hope is that whether you stay around after that with our program or not, that you will have received a great benefit in that time.

All that I ask is that if you request to join Empower Coaching (no credit card or special sign up needed, just click below and request to join the private group, please be sure to include your email address) that you will do the work. Nothing works if you don’t work it, and this program is no exception.

So what do you say, will you join us?