Empowering Women in Real Estate Educational Series!!!

I am SOOO excited to share with you the launch of the Empowering Women in Real Estate Educational Series!!!
Throughout 2021 I will be offering a variety of bite-sized, actionable courses on the topics that you most need to grow a successful business.
Our first course in the series is called “Marketing Plan Made Easy” … marketing is so critical to our businesses, but often treated as an after thought or gets pushed aside when you are busy working with clients.
Creating a marketing plan that works and that speaks to your unique audience does NOT need to be complicated … and it does not need to be hard to implement!
Through this course I will be walking you through the steps to create your own marketing plan, ideally within about 60-90 minutes.
You can purchase this course for just $29 at https://empoweringwomeninrealestate.com/…/marketing…/.
Even better news … are you an Empower Coaching Member? No need to order, you will receive each course in the series for FREE! Check your email later today and look for the post in our private group.

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