These are my Daily Business Builders … an assortment of tasks that I have done for years and years and years to stay top of mind with my clients and to keep my business growing and thriving.
It’s my kindler, gentler way of prospecting.
The actual tasks have stayed largely the same, but my goal number for how many to do each day or week changes based on where I am with my business … and what else is happening in my life!
I do these tasks, each day (M-F), without fail. As a result … I consistently sold 50-60 homes per year during my career, and now I generate hundreds of leads each year for my team.
Here’s what I am doing currently …
-Calls (my least favorite!) – 3 per week
-Notes – 1 per day
-Database Additions – 1 per week
-Give Referrals – 1 per day
-Deliver Pop Bys – 50 per quarter
Most weeks I accomplish far more than this, but I am always sure to do this minimally. I’ll add also that this is part of my larger Client Care Program that I implement throughout the year which includes mailers, emails, contests, events and more.
You can learn more about my Daily Business Builders on Episode 51 of Empowering Women in Real Estate – The Podcast.
What are your “no fail” tasks that you do each day (or week) in your business?

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