Change your perspective.

It’s Tuesday!

How are you feeling? Excited to get up and start your day, or dreading what’s to come?

Either way, you can pretty much guarantee that your day will meet your expectations.

Sure, things happen outside of our control No matter how happy, excited or “up” you are today something less than desirable is bound to take place.

The key to having a “good” or “bad” day is in how YOU approach it.

Think about it … we are business owners! There are many decisions about our day that are 100% our choice. If you are responsible for reporting to an office or to someone else each day, you probably can’t say the same.

Our business is HARD. I read a statistic online that 75% of agents leave the business in their first year and 87% will not make it 5 years (Sources: NAR and Trulia). This is not for the faint of heart. Change your dialogue. 

Business today feels EVEN HARDER. Figuring out new ways to connect and do business, market uncertainty and possibly low consumer confidence (depending on where you are located. Maybe you are even trying to work with children at home who would normally be at school. Add in a dash of anxiety, and a pinch of worry and your get up and go may likely have got up and went.

So today, let’s focus instead on what we GET to do. You get to connect with clients by phone, by video conferencing or by social media. You get to market listings online and offer virtual tours. You get to, not that you HAVE to. Think of the agents who are not able to continue in the business right now or who have to work another job alongside it (or planning to soon) in order to make ends meet. They WANT to make this work, they WANT what YOU have. 

It is all a matter of perspective. If you are getting up each day with a “have to” mindset, you (and probably everyone around you) will feel it in the way you go about your day. But if you approach your work today with an “I get to” attitude, watch how much easier, and maybe even happier, it all will seem.

What do you get to do today?

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