It’s been an interesting week around here, with lots of ups, downs and in betweens … not much different perhaps than the last 4 months (#covid) I suppose.

I was thinking though (out loud on my Instagram stories a couple days ago @karen.w.cooper) about challenges, and how much I learn from them.

Don’t get me wrong. I far much more love success. I enjoy success. I like to succeed and I love to see other people succeed, and while there is some learning from that success, it is the challenges that I learn the most from.

What to do.

What not to do.

What worked.

What didn’t.

What made it harder.

What made it easier.

And more. Much more. Much more than when I look at what I am doing well or having success with. It is usually from analyzing my challenges that I am able to figure out the next right thing. It brings clarity to direction that success usually can’t.

Pay attention to your challenges. Not to rehash them or to live in the past (or to live in the present if they exist now), but to learn from them.

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