Can I tell you something?

Over the last few weeks I have bought 2 different planners, 3 different weekly planning pads and 4 different wall calendars. I’m trying really, really hard not to buy a daily edition Simplified Planner. (Photo attached. It’s so pretty …)
(Note: I still really love and use the heck out of my Simplified Teacher Planner (the columns for each week make so much sense with my business) but I feel like I need a companion to this, particularly when it comes to projects and social media planning.)
I, the queen of planning and scheduling, have officially lost my mind.
For whatever reason, right now I am feeling a strong need to update my system … I’ve been feeling behind and overwhelmed and like I end up spending parts of my time being more reactive than proactive. I know I need to shake things up (this is great to do from time to time), but nothing is making sense to me. (Yet.)
So share with me your system! I love to see how others plan their tasks and schedules and maybe I can take inspiration from you to get myself back on track!
(A tip if you are like me and enjoy trying out new systems … I buy the “last year’s” model, meaning there is just a couple months left in the planner, but this way they are super, super cheap and I can try it out fully before committing to a more expensive version for the whole year.)

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