Business Planning and Goal Setting

I’m writing you this morning from the biggest, most beautiful porch overlooking the water of Lake Gaston, NC, listening to the birds, waiting for the sun to come up.

This morning I will wrap up what has been our 4th Annual Business Planning and Goal Setting Retreat with my team. It’s been a whirlwind of 2 ½ days with 24 amazing women sharing an incredible house.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve laughed until we’ve cried. We’ve shared food and drink, we’ve shared fears and dreams. We’ve talked about our year and we’ve let it go, and we’ve set new goals full of hope and promise.

This is one of the events that we all look forward to most throughout the year. We always leave wishing it was longer or wanting to do something similar more often, but truth be told it’s the perfect amount … any more and it would be less special. It’s like Christmas or your favorite holiday … you look forward to it all year, planning and dreaming what it will be like. You soak up each moment when you are experiencing it, and leave counting down the days to next year.

The experiences that we have here are invaluable … both in terms of getting our businesses ready for the new year and getting our hearts and minds right for moving forward excited and inspired. Everyone contributes, and we all learn something from each other … whether it is from the vulnerability shared, the fears, the hopes, the dreams, the accomplishments, or even the failures.

I’ve often thought about how I could bring this same experience (or something very similar) to Empowering Women In Real Estate. While we can’t offer this exact same experience, I think we can recreate some of the most effective parts to help everyone grow. Announcing the Empowering Women In Real Estate Business Planning & Goal Setting Workshop … a day and a half long in person event coming to Northern Virginia in early November or December 2019. I’ll be sharing much more once the venue, dates and details are finalized, but one thing I can tell you is that it will be the event you look forward to all year long.

Have you found your tribe in real estate? The longer I’m in business, the more women I talk to, the more I find that it is what so many are missing. It is the reason I started this group over 4 ½ years ago, and based on your consistent feedback and the participation we have in our Monthly Meet Ups, I think it is what many of you are looking for too.


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