Black Lives Matter

A friend shared this yesterday, and it helped (just a little) to put words to what I am feeling trying to figure out “my lane” (or lanes).
For now, I have started by educating myself on the history of African Americans in my community and by making a donation to the NAACP.
I would like to expand my education by learning from women of color in our real estate community, specifically surrounding unique challenges that you have experienced. Feel free to pm me if you do not feel comfortable sharing here.
This post is not to open a debate on whose lives matter more (because yes, ALL lives do matter … and right now black Americans and people of color need more than ever to hear, know and see that their lives matter to all of us) or about what “type” of protesting is appropriate (looting is very different than protesting).
Who should I know? Who should I be connecting with? Which organizations should I be supporting?

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