It’s back to work for me today!!
I’ve enjoyed a wonderful, mostly unplugged, vacation with my family the past 2 weeks, and today is all about “re-entry”.
There are a few things I’ve learned about how to come back to work from vacation and still keep that refreshed “glow” without completely undoing it in the first 5 minutes …
First, I’ll spend my time following up with clients and team members letting everyone know I am back and catching up on what happened while I was away.
Next, I’ll focus on cleaning out my email. I have a process (you know I do!) for keeping this from being completely overwhelming so the emails I have to address today are all things from my time away that require my follow up.
Lastly, whenever possible I prefer to spend this day working from home. This way I typically have fewer distractions, I can catch up on the last bits of vacay laundry while I work, and by not booking any appointments today I can stay focused.
How do you handle your first day back?
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