Adding New Contacts To Your Database

You know how important it is to continually add new contacts to your database, right?
You probably also know how hard it can be to do so, right?
Either because you can’t think of who to add OR you are overthinking whether or not to add them.
Well guess what? Today I can help you with both!
First, for the overthinking part … here’s my philosophy (and this is from someone who focused for a year + on adding 1 person PER DAY) allow the person you are adding to your database the respect to decide for themselves if they want to hear from you. If they don’t want your emails, they can unsubscribe. If they don’t want your mailers they can toss them (after seeing your face, mission accomplished) or they can contact you to be removed from your list. That’s it! Let them decide.
Second, for who to add I’ve attached here for you my updated Database Scavenger Hunt worksheet! The idea here is that these prompts are “memory joggers” to help to not only expand your mind on who to add but also to remember those you may have forgotten to include.
I’d be wiling to bet that you could easily add 5-10 new contacts by going through this list!
Lastly … this exercise is one that my Empower Coaching members went through earlier this week. If this type of direction is something that you could use in your business you can learn more at
Who have I left off this list?

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