7 YEARS!!!

Happy 7th Anniversary to our Empowering Women in Real Estate community!
I’m so grateful for this group and all of you. It is astounding to me what has grown from that crazy shower idea I had 7 years ago! 😉
I was thinking about what I’ve learned from this group and the growth of this community, and there are a few main things …
1) Don’t be afraid to share your worry and your struggle. Someone else is feeling the same way, and needs to know that they are not alone. The number of times that I have posted something and had multiple messages of “me too!” is innumerable at this point.
2) We are all more alike than we are different. We want to feel valued, seen, appreciated, and a part of something.
3) We can be “competitors” and not compete. Don’t be afraid to share what you do and what works. We have so much to learn from each other, and it doesn’t matter if I share step by step exactly what I do (and I actually do that regularly through this group, our podcast and Empower Coaching!) no one else is you. Only you bring your unique “you-ness” to the table and that cannot be replicated, stolen or taken from you.
Feeling isolated in this industry is a very real problem, and communities like this are here to change that!
Thank you for 7 amazing years … here’s to many, many more!!
Please share your favorite lessons learned from this group.

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