Karen Cooper, reporting for … radiation?!
Yep, that’s me. And today is day 1 of 30 treatments to take place over the next 6 weeks.
(Background for those not familiar: I have a 10+ year history with a very usual type of tumor called “phyllodes” with 6 recurrences (plus others). After a mastectomy in October 2018 I thought I would be done, but fast forward to October 2020 and “phyll” was back, and so I had another mastectomy. It was determined that I should have radiation to prevent another recurrence.)
Last week I went in for my radiation “simulation” appointment to ensure that the images lined up, etc and it was like being inside of a spaceship.
Blue lights in the ceiling, multiple big screens, things hanging down from the ceiling over the table. Truly like nothing I’ve ever seen before and that I struggle to describe. It was pretty intimidating, and rather unsettling.
Have you ever had a panic attack before? You know that feeling where it seems like you are right at the edge and if you can’t reign it in you are going to spiral out of control and “lose it”? It was like that.
So, today’s my day to start. If you are the praying kind I would dearly appreciate yours, and if you aren’t I would love all the good vibes and positive energy that you can muster. I’ll be going in every day M-F at 1 pm EST for the next 6 weeks for my treatments. The treatments themselves are very fast I am told, and the side effects that I have been told to expect are a “sunburn” like look/sensation on my skin and fatigue.
But I have 3 kids, own and operate 3 different businesses in the real estate industry, and have a podcast … fatigue ain’t got nothing on me!
I’m declaring now that THIS will be the final chapter in this particular part of my story, and I am so grateful for it.
If you’d like to cheer me on as I countdown through this process, my Instagram stories will be the place to do it.
May operation #killphyll commence!

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