Top Producers vs Everybody Else

Yesterday for our Group Coaching Q&A Session yesterday in Empower Coaching one of our group members asked what are the qualities that differentiate a “top producer” or “mega agent” from others.
This was an interesting thought to ponder! I though about my own personal experiences, plus agents on my team and those that I have worked with over the years, and came up with two things that I have noticed to be consistent …
  1. They treat their business like an actual business, focusing on the big picture and their business overall, over time, vs just one transaction at a time.
  2. They have systems and processes for marketing, transaction management and client follow up, and they follow them consistently.
Not ground breaking stuff, right?
But the reality is, many agents fail to do these two things or to do them consistently. In my experience, this is what makes the difference.
What do you think? What differentiates a top producer from all the rest?

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