The Road Less Traveled

I read this yesterday in an email newsletter that I get from James Clear (which I highly recommend subscribing to, by the way) …
The 3 Levels of Employees:
Level 1 — You do what you are asked to do.
Level 2 — Level 1 + You think ahead and solve problems before they happen.
Level 3 — Level 2 + You proactively look for areas of opportunity and growth in the business, and figure out how to tap into them.
This reminded me of something that Rachel Hollis said during the RISExLive virtual conference a couple weeks ago. When you are hiring someone in your business you want to look for “yes, and” people. Meaning when you have an idea or want to try something or ask them to take a project you want to hear “yes” (I will do it) and also “and”, meaning here is an additional step I’d like to take.
This doesn’t just apply to the people we hire.
This applies to us.
Which level employee are you in your business? Are you a “yes, and” person? Do you do just what needs to be done to get the job done for your clients or do you go one step further and think ahead to anticipate problems and cut them off at the pass? Do you go another step further than that and look for areas of opportunity and growth in your business? This is the road less traveled my friends, and it is when you tap into this that you really start to build momentum and see consistent success.
Let me give you a real life example.
Earlier this week I did a “support local” post in my Instagram stories using a new tagging sticker and highlighted some of my favorite local businesses from my business page.
Then I created a highlight on my profile called “Support Local” and saved them all there (you can follow my business IG account @lovettsvillerealestate).
Then I went the next step and created an actual post surrounding the stories and featuring the businesses (all tagged of course) so I would have a longer lasting impression than just the stories that disappear in 24 hours.
Then I went the next step and posted both the post and stories on my business Facebook page.
Then I went the next step and posted a version on my personal Facebook page. (each time tagging the businesses)
Then I went the next step and “liked” each of the businesses AS my Facebook business page so they will show up on my page.
Then yesterday I went the next step and posted an online review for each of the businesses.
Then today I will go one more step further and send a handwritten note to each of the businesses thanking them for supporting our community and including my calendar magnet.
The first step was good, right? Some may say good enough … but the MAGIC is in the subsequent steps. Yes, it takes a little longer, but I am connecting the dots and with each step further increasing my reach and influence, AND further promoting, supporting and connecting with these local businesses that are so important to my community.
Trust me my friends. Take the road less traveled. It is rarely crowded.

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