Pressing Pause

Today I’ll be pressing pause for a bit.
Those who have followed along for a while know that I have a long history with a specific type of breast tumor (phyllodes) with many, many surgeries (including a mastectomy) to go along with it.
I’ve had a recurrence pop up, what feels like out of no where not quite 3 weeks ago, and today my surgeon will be taking it out, plus quite a bit of skin and my implant too. Which means starting the reconstruction process all over again. *sigh*
All will be well. My last tumor was a “borderline” (not malignant) and we expect nothing different from this one (pathology will confirm).
So just a little note here for two things …
1) I’ll be pressing pause on regular “live” posts here in the group for the next few weeks. Don’t worry though, lots of content (including everything for my Empower Coaching members) has been pre-planned and scheduled out.
2) I’d appreciate all the prayers, good vibes and well wishes that you can give today and in the days to come. Thank you!

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