Plan Of The Week!

Welcome to your Empowering Women In Real Estate Plan of the Week for July 8-12, brought to you by Empower Coaching!

Introducing something new this week with geographic farming (I’ll pop in the group on a Facebook Live to share my philosophy and experiences), here we go …

-Write 5 personal notes. Focus on gratitude.

-Two business social media posts. Featuring your vendor postcard from earlier this month is a good one, and/or #givesomethingawayday on July 15th.

-Prepare/send a geographic farming postcard if farming is one of your pillars in your business.

-Preview 3 listings (if this is done in your marketplace).

-Learn something new … listen to a podcast, read a chapter of a book, have coffee with someone whose business you admire to learn more about how they do it.

Having a clear business and marketing plan is crucial to a successful real estate business. Do you find these plans helpful or wish you had more details? This week our Empower Coaching members are receiving a social media graphic, and a geographic farming postcard idea with more specific how tos. If this is something you would benefit from as well, then I would encourage you to consider my Empower Coaching program. Through this monthly membership (no contract, strictly month to month) I provide coaching and marketing systems for women in the real estate industry. Clear direction, delivered step by step. To learn more and to register, go to and click on the Membership tab.

Make it a great week!


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