Plan Of The Week!

It’s Monday, time to get going! I promise not to having you jumping rope this week, but I DO have a solid plan for you to follow to stay engaged with your database and community, and to grow your business.

Here we go …

-Write 5 personal notes. This week your notes will be to OTHER AGENTS. I hear what you are thinking. How in the world is sending a note to another agent going to help my business? Easy. Don’t you prefer to do business with people that you know, like and trust? If your market is at all competitive for buyers then having a great reputation and great relationship with other agents (especially listing agents) will be a big benefit to you … and your buyers! Who doesn’t love to receive a handwritten note, especially a thank you note, in the mail?

-Post 2 business social media posts. You should know the drill by now … NOT settlement or listing posts, but posts engaging with your community, y

our clients, your sphere. Make one of these posts highlighting a favorite vendor. Is there a handyman, electrician, plumber, etc that you love to work with? Feature them in one of your posts. One of the benefits of being in real estate is that we tend to know all the best people. Make sure you audience knows that too.

-Preview 3 listings in your geographic farm or an area that you like to work in THAT HAVE BEEN ON THE MARKET FOR 90+ DAYS. Yep. You are going to previewing the stale listings. Why? Several reasons. 1) The sellers will be so thrilled to have someone come through. 2) The listing agent is going to be so thrilled to have you come through AND to receive your feedback (be sure to provide it). 3) You can gain some very valuable insight into the market by understanding what isn’t selling (and why). In my area it is custom and courtesy to leave your business card after a preview or showing. Be sure to do this.

Thinking Ahead: Monday is Memorial Day. Plan something special, maybe a social media post, or (even better) a special pop by for 3-5 of your top/favorite clients.

(Next week’s plan of the week will launch on Tuesday due to the Memorial Day Holiday.)

Make it a great week!


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