Habits. ☕️ 📝 📖 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🚶🏻‍♀️
One thing I’ve for sure learned over my 19 years in business is that the little habits add up and compound over time to big (and consistent) success.
A couple habits that I have incorporated over the past 6 months have really served me well (personally and professionally) and have become such a big part of my daily routine that they “go with me” wherever I go. Disney World. The lake. And very soon the beach. These journals have been making the rounds! My every day starts with coffee, journaling and reading my devotional. Coffee has been a habit for as long as I can remember, my devotional (“God’s Purpose for Your Life: 365 Devotions” by Charles F. Stanley) started just this year, and my journaling habit (often started and stopped over the years) cemented itself into my routine thanks to Rachel Hollis’ “Last 90 Days” challenge last fall. I use her Start Today journal to write 5 things I am grateful for (specifically things from the past 24 hours) and 10 affirmations.
One habit I’m most proud of is my daily walk and/or yoga. The daily walk also really took hold from the Last 90 Days challenge last fall, and I’ve taken a walk (1-2 miles each) the majority of days since. I discovered Yoga with Adriene at the end of last year and signed up for her 30 day yoga challenge in January, which included a nifty little calendar I can print and check off (you know I love to check off all the things) with free yoga videos on YouTube. I’ve continued this practice long past the first challenge and absolutely love it. Other than during our Disney trip in March (when we walked 7+ miles each day!) I’ve only missed a handful or so days all year. I’ve never loved or enjoyed “fitness”, and I am so proud that I largely kept up both of these habits throughout my 6 weeks of radiation treatments earlier this year. These habits keep me centered and grounded, and help me to start (journaling and yoga) and end (walk) each day in a positive way. What are your favorite habits?

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