Favorite Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do is to listen to podcasts. I have several that I “subscribe” to (I use the podcasts app on my iPhone, but there are other ways to listen too), and I listen while I am taking a walk in the morning, while I’m in my bathroom getting ready for the day, or in my car on the way to and from my office.

My favorite podcast is The Brian Buffini Show. Earlier this week the episode featured champion swimmer (among other things) Diana Nyad. The episode was a recording of her presentation at one of his Mastermind events and was so, so good. She was funny, engaging, and had such a powerful message.

Diana made headlines a couple years ago when she swam from Cuba to Florida. The swim takes over 2 days, the waters are incredibly rough, full of jellyfish and sharks, and incredibly dangerous. As you can imagine, many people thought she was crazy for trying this. The swim had been attempted by many (including Diana) but never completed, until Diana did it on her 5th try … when she was more than 60 years old!

There are so many wonderful messages in her story … the power of having a dream, of not being a spectator in your life, the importance of never giving up. I highly recommend listening to it.

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