Be You.

Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram, and saw my sweet friend

Jeni Kiehl Harmon

in her stories. She had on a really pretty blue colored top and looked beautiful. I commented and told her such.

Her reply, “I felt it”.
That gave me pause. I loved her reply so much, but couldn’t remember a time that I could honestly say that about myself.
It’s become too easy to tear ourselves down. To nitpick apart what we view as the worst bits of us. It’s become too easy for us to do it to others too. A simple request for opinions on which photo is better turns into a hotly contested debate over which one is less likely to get “inappropriate” attention. Which one is conservative enough and likely to be less offensive to the majority of people. I’ve seen others post in the group concerns about starting their real estate business because they have visible tattoos and wonder if that will hurt their business.
Many years ago a friend of mine used to sell cars. There was a saying in that industry that “there’s an ass for every seat”. It’s my favorite saying and applies pretty much everywhere.
My interpretation … there are people who will be for you. No matter which photo you choose. No matter the outfit you wear. No matter the hairstyle, or piercings or tattoos or number of visible hairs on your chin (yesterday was an unfortunate day …). I’ve lived 47 years in this world and have learned that it doesn’t matter how covered you are or how shapeless your clothes, there are still those who will give “inappropriate” attention. That has less to do with you, and everything to do with them.
It is not possible to “neutralize” yourself to the degree that you will appeal to all people. You just can’t, or at least I don’t think you can, and I really beg you not to try.
Be you. Authentically you. Those who will be for you and want to work with you will do so because you are you. Those who don’t? Well, there’s an ass for every seat, and they will find the right one for them.
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