Don’t take our word for it, read what our Empower Inner Circle Members have to say about the program!

The Inner Circle is an exclusive mastermind-like group where Karen offers coaching, marketing strategies, and business planning specifically for the real estate industry using the framework that led to her 7-figure success.


What Members are Saying

I just want to give a shoutout to Karen Wenner Cooper and her Empower Coaching by Karen Cooper program. I’ve been part of her FaceBook group for awhile but I joined her coaching program while she offered it for free during the first part of Covid times. It was such an easy choice to join and continue on with the coaching program. It has been SO beneficial for my business. The tasks and marketing approach really works and consistency is KEY in this business. They are simple things but her guidance in implementing those tasks really make it work. I’ve seen m business grow, like at least double, in the short time that I’ve been part of her program. I really do recommend it if you are looking to take the next steps in building a successful real estate business.

​Kris Norwine, Realtor® – Round Rock, TX

Karen’s Empower Coaching came just as I was opening my own new brokerage. I wasn’t sure that it was meant for me, but just as she suggested, it’s exactly what I needed. There are always so many tasks in real estate. It is so easy to get sidetracked and distracted. Empowering coaching helps focus and make sure that I won’t forget to keep in touch with clients when things get busy, It provides for continuous content and ideas and the plan of the week is priceless. I have spent thousands in other coaching platforms, but the simplicity and efficiency of this program, coming from Karen’s personal experience and success is perfect for anyone willing to follow a plan and succeed in real estate.

​Karen Parnes, Broker/Owner – Rockville, MD

I have only been coaching with Karen for a little over a month and she has already taught me super simple, creative ways to stay top of mind with my clients and SOI. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and now I have been easily implementing them into my business. She offers easy action items and is super generous with all her content sharing. I have truly enjoyed working with her and her coaching program. I love her style of prosecuting: no cold calling and actually touching your database in organic and genuine ways. To boot: she made time to have a 15 minute consult with me just to be sure it was a right fit for me, and I sincerely appreciate the time she takes to answer all our questions as mundane as some of mine may be. Thank you, Karen!

​Grace Perez, Realtor® – Sterling, VA

Karen’s approach is great no matter where you are in your business. She offered amazing actionable advice and reinforcement when I first started in real estate and now, as I approach $15M a year in sales as a solo agent, her plans and tactics keep me focused and growing. I tease that I am always looking for an “easy button” but what I really mean is that I am busy and need things I can incorporate into my business that offer high value, I can do consistently and without a huge budget/staff. Karen shares it all – her proven strategies, samples, ideas, and an amazing support system to learn from. If you want to build a business that is based on relationships that will remain solid in any market, I highly recommend you work with Karen.

Michelle Frank, Realtor® – Ashburn, VA

Karen has been a wealth of knowledge for me as a newer agent. No matter if you have been an agent for 6 mos, 4 years, or a few decades Karen’s coaching will be so beneficial. She brings real life to Real Estate. She shows you how to truly connect with your clients and build relationships so that you will be their agent of choice when they need one.

Alicia Hoyer, Realtor® – Riverside, CA