Leila Smith, Realtor® – Purcellville, VA

The Empower Coaching program that Karen Cooper provides is exactly what you never knew you were missing from your real estate business. Karen gives action plans and provides samples and tangible items that have worked for her and helped her become as successful as she is today. She provides ways to stay connected to your database and stay top of mind within your sphere, friends, family and neighbors. She has taken the guesswork out of figuring out what to send every month to your database, what to include in your social media, how to stay connected within your community and be seen as the local expert. And it’s all based on this idea of being generous, helpful and providing value to everyone that you speak with. It has completely shifted my mindset on a daily basis. For example, Karen strongly recommends writing personal notes and she urges us to write at least 5 per week. Now when I’ll talk with a neighbor or a friend or run into someone that I haven’t seen in a while, I come away with reasons to reach out to these people. I’ll send a little gift card or just a nice handwritten note referencing what we spoke about or letting them know how nice it was to catch up. The response that I have received only having been a part of this program for two months, has been huge. I am talking to people who in the past have never responded to anything that I have sent. I am receiving messages of gratitude just for sending a hand written card and remembering what’s going on in their lives. I have had friends tell me that I am absolutely who they would think of someone is looking for a realtor. And that’s without me directly asking for the referral! I have scheduled two listing appointments and one buyer consultation that have come directly from things that Karen has taught me to do. And I can honestly say that those people would not have reached out to me had I not been keeping up with them for the past couple months due to Karen’s guidance. Joining Empower Coaching will most certainly breathe a breath of fresh air into your business and daily routine. I have felt this new sense of motivation, confidence and drive since joining Karen’s coaching group. I cannot say enough good things about Empower Coaching!