Here are the guidelines/expectations:


You may determine the best time/day for you location. Most locations meet for lunch on the 2nd Thursday of each month, but others meet on Wednesdays, Fridays, and even some meet for breakfast! We just ask that for consistency sake (this will help you with attendance) that you keep to the same schedule month to month as much as possible.


Identify and secure the location for your Meet Up. This needs to be a “neutral” location, like a local restaurant (vs a brokerage office or title company). Depending on the size of your group, you will want to make a reservation at the location you select. Many Local Leaders utilize an Evite to track RSVPs. We have found that keeping the location consistent from month to month is helpful, and cuts down on confusion. However, this is up to each Local Leader.


Promote the meet up WITHIN our Empowering Women in Real Estate® group, as well as to your local agent community. The more the merrier! When promoting the event you will include clear mention that this is an Empowering Women in Real Estate® Monthly Meet Up, as well as reference visiting our website for information on other locations.

We also now have State specific (and Canada!) groups, which is a great place to promote your Meet Up.


  • As the event host it is your responsibility to get the conversation going at your event. A topic, agenda and discussion questions will be provided to you each month.
  • Take photos at your event and be sure to tag Karen and reference Empowering Women in Real Estate® on social media!
  • Share a photo of your event in the Empowering Women in Real Estate® group each month with a few words about how it went, the discussion topic, etc. This will help you to illicit interest for future events.

We Will:

  • Include your contact information and meet up area (city/state and/or county/state) on the Monthly Meet Up landing page on our Empowering Women in Real Estate® website.
  • Provide you with an Empowering Women in Real Estate® Monthly Meet Up graphic template to use for promotion of the events (if desired, you can also create your own).
  • Commitment will be month to month, and we will assume that you are hosting unless you tell us otherwise. 
  • Assist with promotion of your event in your local Empowering Women in Real Estate® group.

If you are ready to go, click here to complete the application!

We will have 1 Local Leader/event per area and will accept applicants on a first come, first served basis.