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Nichole Curtis


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Winchester, VA

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With a background in the finance world, Nichole began her Mortgage career in 2012 as a Loan Processor. She learned the ins and outs of the industry from the trenches. Helping Loan Officers with their borrowers, Nichole realized she had a unique gift and could fill a gap in the industry providing excellent client care coupled with back office experience. Nichole believes in uplifting and guiding others to fulfill their dreams. She lives in Winchester, VA and has the ability to help buyers in 48 states. She has a daughter who is a Senior at JMU and a husband she loves to travel with. Nichole's positive spirit and passion to help others makes her a person you want to know.
Why She's a Local Leader
My favorite part of being an EWRE® Local Leader is the opportunity to foster a sense of community among like-minded women in real estate. I decided to become a leader because I believe in the power of connection and support. I hope as we journey together, we build a community where inspiration sparks our personal and professional triumph.