Today’s post has next to nothing to do with real estate. It is just pure and simple frivolous fun!
Yesterday I switched over my work bag and my handbag from Winter to Spring and included a boomerang about it on my Instagram stories … and the number of messages I got about it was crazy! You girls sure like your bags, lol! I know I sure do.
So, just for fun, today I am sharing with you what I carry in my bags, along with photos of the Winter and Spring varieties, in case you missed the IG story (be sure to follow me over there @karen.w.cooper).
First up, my work bag. I have three that I alternate between, this blue and white one for Spring and the gray and red for Winter, both from Barrington Bags (their website is addicting … you personalize your bag with patterns, leather color, monograms, etc … this style is the St. Anne tote) and a green tote from Stella & Dot (Samantha Scott Tunador is my stylist of choice!) that I carry for Fall.
Here’s what’s inside ..
-My laptop
-Approximately 12,000 pens and highlighters, plus some paperclips, sticky notes, note pads, tissues and my trusty name tag.
-Separate pouch (also from Barrington) with my laptop charging cable, plus extra chargers for my phone and usually a back up battery … but my kids like to steal those.
-I always, always, always travel with stamped note cards, plus business cards and some gift cards to my favorite places. When I have a few extra minutes here and there I can scroll social media or write a note. The note doesn’t always win (lets be honest), but it would never win if I didn’t set myself up for success and carry them with me in the first place.
-Not pictured: my planner.
Next, my handbag. I’m all about simplifying these days (it is my word of the year, you know), and have paired my collection down to a leather tote, a dressier bag and a “mom” tote for each season, plus a variety of cross body bags. Less to think about. While I was never a Girl Scout, I could have been as I like to be prepared for anything (just ask my friends, if they need it, I usually have it).
Here’s what’s inside …
-Wallet and “misc” pouch, both from Barrington
-Charging pouch with various cords, back up battery, etc. My kids tend to pillage this one too.
-Glasses, checkbook, notebook, Kindle
-Not pictured: My AirPods, sunglasses, phone and usually a bottle of water.
So that “misc” pouch, this is where my “must be ready for anything” anxiety takes hold.
Here’s what’s inside …
-Real estate “stuff” including my Sentrilock card and business cards
-Medical “stuff” including my husband’s Epi pen, Benadryl (see allergic husband), various pain relievers, cold meds, Oscillococcinum and cough drops.
-Just in case “stuff” like floss picks, tissues, band aids, altoids, 12,000 more pens, nail file, lip balms and lip stick.
-Kid “stuff” including granola bar and pocket sized games.
-Not pictured: a variety of feminine type products.
Yes, my bag weighs a ton. 😉 If you need it, I probably have it.
Now, won’t you play along too? Post a photo of your bag(s)!