YOU – are your best tool!

(Hint: Be sure to read through, this is NOT about the question asked.)

Many years ago I attended a class about handling your finances in real estate. There was a question that someone asked, a question that has been asked here in this group, a question that I have heard countless agents ask over years. It was a simple question really, nothing exciting … should you set yourself up as an LLC or a C Corp. The answer blew me away.

The instructor said, “Until you are consistently closing 1 transaction a month for a year, it doesn’t matter.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

The message is that we get so distracted on the “tool” or device or whatever that is going to “get us there” in our business, that we often lose sight of what really works … YOU! More specifically, you, working. Working on the basics. Engaging with the real estate market and your database. Until and unless you are consistently producing in your business, then none of that other “stuff” matters.

But if only I had the right website, I’d be more successful. If only I had the best follow up tools I’d be able to do more business. When I find the right search app for my clients or the best CRM then I’ll close more deals. When I have the right logo, or best looking business cards or a nicer car, then I’ll be more successful. If only and when … the most dangerous and deceptive words of all.

Yes, there are tools and technologies and resources and websites that can help us to work our businesses better and more efficiently.

Yes, it is important to portray a professional image and have quality materials.

However, the bottom line is that they only work as well and as hard as you do. Having the tool available to you is great, but if you don’t actually use it, invest time in learning how and entering your clients in or whatever it is, then it won’t work.

So many of us are getting ready to get ready. I’m getting ready to take my business to a new level. I’m getting ready to promote my brand in a big way. I’m getting ready to engage with my database. Stop getting ready already, and just do it. Do anything. Take action.

You are always, and always will be your best tool. Your best asset. Your best opportunity for success. You are enough, just as you. If you don’t work, nothing else will


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